Microsoft already announced the $14.99 Windows 8 upgrade program for those who purchase a new Windows 7 PC before Windows 8 is officially released. Also, this week learn how to use Robocopy, which is a file copy tool built-in all the versions of Windows 7 (and above) that you might not have heard before. And finally, If you are playing with Google Chrome 20 beta, you should check the new feature called Stacked Tabs. All this and more.

Here is all of what you might have missed:

How to Install Windows 8 Release Preview [Step-by-Step] New Microsoft Bing Design Went Live And Blends Great with Windows 8 Desktop Fun: Forests Theme for Windows 7 How to Install Media Center in Windows 8 Release Preview [Step-by-Step] Download Windows 8 Release Preview 32-bit And 64-bit [Build 8400 / Release Candidate] Windows 8 Release Preview Download Availability on May 31st – Hinted By Accident! How to Use Robocopy in Windows 7: The Robust File Copy Tool From Microsoft Google Chrome 20 Beta, Now with Stacked Tabs $15 Windows 8 Upgrade Program Starts in June 2nd, It’ll Include Free Training And Gift Card

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