The house open in 1994 and it is located on the Redmond Microsoft campus in the Executive Briefing Center; this is a full-scale home model that researchers use to try out new technology concepts that we might or might not see in the years ahead (3-15 years). Sadly The Microsoft Home is not open to the public, but you can still have an sneak-peak with this cool video from the Website Channel 9 and get a glimpse of the technology we could be using in a near future. In this video you will see some exciting new technology concepts such as a watch that collects your health data and syncs it in your home network, a new media center that brings music in whole new level, a new way to interact with videos utilizing new picture-search technology with the ability to analyze images and identify products, locations and services. Plus one of the coolest thing that I think everyone would like to have in their bedroom or office, is the digital wallpaper that displays anything you want into the wall including Facebook and Twitter.

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