Windows Blue to include improved search, faster boot and smaller disk footprint: New leaked data confirms new improvements coming to the next major update in Windows 8, codenamed Windows Blue. Best Buy offers $100 discount on Windows 8 touchscreen PCs to stimulate sales: The electronic retailer store hasn’t sold as many Windows 8 touchscreen PCs as they expected, and now they trying to boost sales with a new promotional discount campaign that offers $100 discount on the purchase of any touch-enabled laptop or desktop computer running Windows 8. So, this might just be the right time to get your new PC for school or work. Why none of the Windows 8 upgrade guides you find will help: Most of you will agree that sometimes it can be frustrated to install any kind of software and Windows 8 isn’t the exception. So, this week I told my experience installing the new operating system to show that there isn’t no one guide that can help you all step of the way and it is only up to you to find the solution to any issue you may encounter. Internet Explorer 11 makes its appearance in Windows Blue Desktop Fun: Glaciers panoramic theme for Windows 8/RT [Dual-Monitor] Google unveiled Chromebook Pixel priced at $1,299 for the 32GB version – Worth it? Google Glass new video unveils new UI and incredible features Watch This: Surface Pro running Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion

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