Ubuntu on Windows 10 allows developers to use the Ubuntu Terminal to run Linux command line tools, such as bash, ssh, git, apt, and many others without the need to set up a dual-boot system or ditch Windows 10. While you no longer need to enable the developer mode in the Settings app, you still need to install the Windows Subsystem for Linux using the “Turn Windows features on or off” settings before trying to get the distro from the Windows Store. According to Microsoft there are several benefits in replacing the previous installation mechanism with a Windows Store based installation:

Faster & more reliable downloads: The Windows Store employs a sophisticated block-based download mechanism that minimizes the size of apps being downloaded. Install distros side-by-side: The Windows Subsystem for Linux has been designed to support the installation of multiple distros alongside one another. Run multiple distro’s simultaneously: You can now run more than one distro simultaneously.

If you have a computer enrolled in the Windows Insider Program, you can download Ubuntu on Windows 10 immediately. Otherwise, you need to wait until the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update releases later this year. The Windows Store also offers SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and openSUSE Leap, in the case you prefer another distro of Linux, and Fedora Linux will soon be available in the Store too.

Ubuntu Linux | Microsoft Store Download

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