You may not know this, but some Chrome Web Apps like Google Docs, Google News, Reddit, The New York Times Chrome app, Chrome Theme Creator and Google Books, just to name a few, are just simple links pointing to existing online apps or services. These apps may have some improvements to work better with Chrome, but ultimately they are just links (bookmarks), wrapped up with a very nice icon that gets installed in your web browser, which still pretty good but they are not full typical apps. To test it for yourself, go to the NYTimes Chrome app and you will be able to access the app with all the features without installing the app, you can even use IE8 to access to this app — it doesn’t work as well as in Chrome, but it works — . In the picture below you can see how The New York Times for Chrome works in both Web Browsers.

  Now, full blown Web Apps are those that you install in the Web Browser, they operate as a typical program, and they are capable of working even when there is not internet connection. Some examples of full blown apps are: Write Space, TweetDeck, and Quick Note.   Quick Note


  And we also have the “redesigned” Web Apps that come from extensions that give you the same information in a different layout. The difference lies on how a Chrome App access permissions and the APIs (Application Programming Interface). Apparently if you have developed an extension you can easily convert it to an Web App by just modifying a few lines of code. So, now you have a better understanding what are you really installing in your web browser.   If you are new to Google Chrome, here is how easy it is to install a Chrome Web App Things to keep in mind:

Make sure that you are running the latest Google Chrome version You will need a Google Account to install a Web App from the Chrome Web Store. If you don’t have one, create one; your Gmail account will also work. Visit the Chrome Web Store to find and install the Web App you want. Remember that you have free Web Apps and paid Web Apps.

Watch the video to learn more about Web Apps, how to find and install them. httpv://   When you don’t want certain Web App anymore, you can uninstall it with just a couple of clicks.

As you can also see in the picture above, you not only have the Uninstall option but other options as well, such as Open as regular tab, Open as pinned tab, Open as window, Open full screen, and Create shortcut. This last one is very interesting because it allows you to do three things: Create a shortcut to your Windows desktop, create a link in the Start menu, and last it has some integration with Windows 7 with the option Pin to Taskbar, pretty much like Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) does, but not with all the feature of Pinning.

  8 Chrome Web Apps that you may want to consider using Undecided which app you want to install? Here is a collection with great Chrome Web Apps to start with.   Did you find another great Web App? Share with us! Oh! If you are a Google Chrome lover you can also apply to test drive a Cr-48 Chrome notebook! All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.