Making the transition to Windows 8, this week learn step-by-step how to safely upgrade Windows 7, Vista and XP, while maintaining all your documents and settings to Windows 8. Also learn how use the “Windows 7 File Recovery” in Windows 8 to create a full system image (backup) of your computer to protect documents, settings, operating system and also really important… your applications, which sometimes can be really time consuming to re-install them all, in case of hard drive failure or nasty viruses. Ironically Google jumped into the “Do No Track” wagon, by default this feature is turned-off, but it is really simple to configure and we show you how. All this and more…

Here is all of what you might have missed:

How to enable “Do Not Track” feature in Chrome web browser Desktop Fun: Rainbows theme for Windows 7 – Bring colorful landscapes to your desktop Ever wondered how Microsoft came up with the new logo designed? [Humor] How to restore Windows 8 system image in the event of system failure [Step-by-Step] Free Office 2013 upgrade Microsoft details to Office 2010 users How to create a Windows 8 system image or full backup [Step-by-Step] How to upgrade to Windows 8 from Windows 7, Vista or XP [Step-by-Step]

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Microsoft helped to stop 500 strain of malware in operation b70 How much IE10 “Do Not Track” is going to help you? Only 40%

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