As part of the next cumulative update, the update KB5014668 is now available in the stable channel as an optional install for devices with the original release of Windows 11 with a bunch of non-security fixes and improvements. If your device has the update KB5014697 and the mobile hotspot feature isn’t working, you are not the only one. Microsoft has already acknowledged the issue and is proactively working on a fix. Microsoft began the rollout of Edge version 103, which includes several gaming features like Clarity Boost and efficiency mode. You will also find a new gaming homepage and flyout for quick access to casual games within the browser. Windows 8.1 support ends on January 10, 2023, and Microsoft has announced its plan to remind users through desktop notifications starting in July. In preparation for the release of version 22H2, we listed and explained the most exciting features coming to Windows 11.

Tech tips roundup

This week, you also learned a bunch of tips to get the most out of Windows, including the steps to analyze the storage usage on your computer to determine the files taking the most space on Windows 11. We looked into the steps to check whether your computer is compatible with the upcoming version 22H2 using the Registry. You now know the steps to install the next feature update of Windows without a USB flash drive using the official ISO file. Although version 22H2 hasn’t officially launched, you can install the final version a title early in at least two ways. You can use Command Prompt and PowerShell to recursively delete a folder with subfolders, and here’s how on Windows 11. Also, whether installing Windows 11 on a new computer or after hardware, you can use these instructions will help you to activate the operating system. On Windows 10, we looked into the steps to disable the Lock screen, prevision Wi-Fi network profiles, and delete files older than a specific number of days, and you can use these steps to install Linux GUI apps. Furthermore, you now know the steps to create a full backup as well as the instructions to view network folders on Windows 10. If you use Microsoft Teams, you can use these steps to change the picture profile. Also, if the Outlook app for Android isn’t working, these instructions will help reset the app quickly. Finally, we looked into the steps to allow trusted files and apps that Microsoft Defender Antivirus may have blocked because it detected them as malicious when they were not. All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.