On the “Get Started with Windows 10 Mobile” support page, Microsoft starts by how to set up Windows Hello, set your Start screen background and adjust transparency, how to start working with Continuum, Cortana, and how to start using the new action center. The guide to Windows 10 Mobile has 17 sections with a wide variety of topics that helps users getting connected to a Wi-Fi network, setting up email, calendar, Store, and how to setup a backup. In addition, customers will find instructions to learn to navigate the new operating system, sync content, use Microsoft Edge, Maps, Photos, and even the most important task — how to place a call. Throughout the sections, users will also find a few videos highlighting some of the new features as well.

The what’s new in Windows 10 Mobile support page covers it all. If you have been an Insider and previewing the mobile operating system, you may not learn a lot of new stuff, but it’s a good reference that you can come back at any time to if you need help or it’s also a great resource for anyone who has been stuck with Windows Phone 8.1 or moving in from another platform.

Visit the Microsoft’s “What’s new in Windows 10 Mobile” support page to learn more.

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