One of the most remarkable changes that you’ll find is the Microsoft’s decision to remove the Start button that was introduced about 15 years ago with Windows 95 — check out the previous article about this new change  –, but do not panic, you’ll still have access to the Start Screen and other settings by moving the mouse over the bottom-left corner in the Super Bar. But there are also many other significant changes, take a look a the list below to see what is coming in the next Windows 8 milestone.

Some of the changes in Windows 8 build 8220 includes:

Removal of the Start button New Ribbon organization New release name “Windows 8 Consumer Preview” Removal of the Microsoft Confidential watermark, neither on the desktop or in the WinVer Bug fixes for the tons New ImmersiveUI icon set New background set for the Start Screen New App menu template New shortcuts for the Charm Bar No more security hash New organization for splitted touch keyboard

Get a glimpse with these Windows 8 image tour

Windows 8 Start Screen:

WinVer, Properties and personalization menu (notice the new icon set):

Side by side PC Settings and Desktop:

Charm bar (translucent at mouse touch at one of the right corners of the screen and becomes dark at mouse glace on the icons):

According to WinUnleaked Windows 8  Consumer Preview is pretty stable, runs a lot faster that Windows 7 SP1, and all major bugs has been fixed. Users will find that the new version release is a lot different from the Windows 8 Developer Preview, with improvements in the users interface, more features and great advance in stability. Source WinUnleaked All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.