In Windows 10, Microsoft is improving the tools to connect to Wi-Fi access points, but it’s still not good enough. The wireless networking features do not offer the tools to analyze and survey the nearby networks, and this is when WiFi Tool can come in handy. WiFi Tool is a paid Windows 10 universal app that can help you analyze all the nearby Wi-Fi access points with various pieces of information, such as current channel, band, and much more. When you select a wireless network from the list, you will be able to see signal quality, the amount of data that has gone through the adapter, local and public IP addresses, MAC address, current data throughput, and a bunch of other valuable pieces of information.

Similar to the Wifi Analyzer tool app for Android, you can analyze the wireless networks around your area. Through the Analyze section, you can find important information that can help choose the best available access point with the best quality signal, or it can also help you identify the many access points sharing the same wireless channel. Information you can use to configure your wireless router to use a less crowded channel to improve the connection quality.

If your Wi-Fi adapter supports both bands: 2.4GHz and 5GHz, you can analyze one or both network bands at the same time. You can choose to view the networks on standard 2D graphs or in 3D. You even have a choice to analyze wireless networks using 3D glasses. There is also a Traffic section, where you can go a view traffic per month, week, day, and even per hour, which is a very handy feature to have for those users on a metered connection.

WiFi Tool features

Modern Windows 10 User Interface 3D and 2D Visualization Discover any WiFi Signal around you Filter, sort and group available networks Switch between different networks instantly Detailed information about specific WiFi access point Find less used channel for your own router Monitor your network traffic Customizable real time Live Tile System Notifications on connect or disconnect Dark and light theme No Ads

WiFi Tool is a great Windows universal app, which also means that it’s available for Windows 10 Mobile phones, and it’s an app that should be part of any IT professional tool belt to analyze and troubleshoot wireless networks. However, this is also an app for anyone who wants to connect to the best available wireless network on a coffee shop, hotel, or airport, and for those people trying to set up their wireless router at home to provide the best Wi-Fi coverage around the house.

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