This is of course, in addition to all the new features and changes, we have been seeing throughout every Redstone preview Microsoft has already made available in the Insider Program.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update key features

During the Build developer conference Microsoft highlighted significant changes coming to windows 10.

Windows Ink

Windows Ink is an entire new experience that lets users use the pen more naturally as they would normally do on a piece of paper. The Anniversary Update will bring the new Ink workspace tools that will allow users to interact on top of Windows applications to write, draw, and even use the new ruler. Microsoft plans to bring Windows Ink on apps like Microsoft Edge, Office, and Maps, and developers will be able to easily integrate the new feature with just two lines of code.


The Microsoft digital assistant will include a number of new improvements. In the new update, you will be able to interact with Cortana on the Locks screen, there will be more voice commands, and it will be more intelligent making suggestions on every device you have the assistant.  Microsoft is even creating a new Cortana Collection in the Store to make it easier to find apps with Cortana integration. Additionally, the software maker will be expanding Cortana to 13 more countries. 

Microsoft Edge

The company is bringing Windows Hello to Microsoft Edge, which enable users to sign into websites using biometric authentication. The new feature makes Edge the “first and only” browser to include native support for biometric authentication. It’s worth pointing out that Microsoft is also working to bring Windows Hello biometric authentication to apps as well.

Xbox One

The Anniversary Update will also improve the Xbox platform. The new update will finally bring Cortana to Xbox One, gamers will be able to play their own music in the background, Universal Windows Apps are coming to the Xbox One platform, and Microsoft will be unifying the Xbox Store with the Windows Store. The company is also working to make it easier for developers to bring their games to both Windows 10 devices and Xbox One, and the update will allow any Xbox One console to be converted into a developer kit with the Xbox Dev Mode. On Windows 10, the update will include support for multiple GPUs and the ability to disable v-sync. In addition, the software giant is planning to merge the Windows Insider Program with the Xbox One Preview program with the Anniversary Update to allow more testers get latest features on their consoles.

Universal Windows Apps

On Windows 10, Facebook will be soon launching new universal apps, which not only will include access to the social network, but the company will also be releasing a new Instagram and Messenger apps. Win32 and .Net developers will now be able to convert their desktop programs into Universal Windows apps with the new desktop app converter for Project Centennial. .Net developers will be able to share more code across platforms using Xamarin, which the company says it was a highly requested capability. In addition, for web developers, the company announced that is adding native support for Linux Bash on Windows 10.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update release date

Microsoft is planning to release the Anniversary Update “this summer”, but the company is not sharing a specific date just yet. However, we know now that the software giant is planning to use “1607” as the stamp version of the operating system, which means that will could be expecting the update sometime in July. Furthermore, July 29, 2016, will mark the one year anniversary of Windows 10, so there it’s possible that Microsoft might be aiming this day as the official release date for the update. The Anniversary Update will rollout as a free update for Windows 10 devices, including PC, tablet, phone, IoT, Xbox One, and HoloLens. While the company showed various features coming in the update, we’re expecting to see more tweaks and improvements throughout the development process.  What do you think about the new features for the Windows 10 Anniversary Update? Tell us in the comments below. Source Microsoft All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.