Build 10031 appears to be from the fbl_impressive branch of builds, which it’s known to be the branch Windows Insider will receive soon. Now the screenshots from the leaked build do not show a lot of changes, but it does show a few things. For example, you can see that this build finally brings transparency to the Start menu, when is minimize (default) or in full screen, and I’m going to assume transparency will be precedent in Tablet mode as well. Furthermore, Microsoft seems to have changed the Start menu expand button to be the same full screen button you’ll see in modern apps. You’ll also notice a smaller Start button in this build, but I don’t think is a permanent change or something Insiders will see later on. Although we are not seeing UI changes in Windows 10 build 10031, Microsoft is also including tons of bug fixes and improvements under the hood. Some of these improvements come in touch recognition, graphics, sensors, rendering with an integrated and discrete GPU, Wi-Fi and a lot more. This slideshow requires JavaScript. In the out of the box experience (OOBE), which includes the configuration of a Microsoft account has been replaced with a new cloud-hosted out of the box experience. This new process allows the software maker to change the OOBE at any time without making changes locally on the client computer. And there is still a bunch of known issues to get fixed. In this build, we don’t see any significant changes, but we can already see how Windows 10 is coming together. Alongside the new changes, Microsoft also promised to release a preview version of Project Spartan in the next build that should arrive in March. Source WZor All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.