When the company announced the new preview said that the new build was a great candidate to roll out to the Slow ring. While we were expecting build 10162 to release sometime next week, Microsoft surprised Insiders once again by making it available on Friday, July 3rd. Windows 10 build 10162 is another good release, it includes changes to offer better reliability, battery life, performance, and improvements on compatibility. However, it doesn’t include any significant visual changes, as the company is only focus on bug fixing and final polish, instead of adding new features. Windows 10 RTM will launch on July 29th, and at this point we will continue to have more rapid releases of new builds, because there are not any more known issues and every build compiled will likely to meet the criteria to be available to the public. It’s been a busy week for the software maker, on June 29th, build 10158 rolled to testers, follow by build 10159 on June 30th, build 10162 released on July 2nd, and the same version now releases to the Slow ring on July 3rd.

Download Windows 10 build 10162 ISO x64 (US) Download Windows 10 build 10162 ISO x86 (US) Download all other languages

The video below shows the major changes on Windows 10 build 10158 / 10159 / 10162

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