However, making available a new build on the Fast ring, it also means more bugs and less workarounds. For that reason, Microsoft is detailing a number of known issues and workarounds that users should be aware before making the jump to the new build 10565.

Windows 10 build 10565 known issues

The search box does not work if you are in a location where Cortana is not available. Microsoft is currently investigating workarounds. The Xbox app for Windows 10 will consume gigabytes of memory on your PC if you have any Win32 games (non -Windows Store games) installed on your PC that have been identified as games or added by you in the Xbox app. Closing the Xbox app will release your PC’s memory. WebM and VP9 have been temporarily removed from the flight builds. Microsoft continues to develop a VP9 implementation that we intend to ship in Windows. Expect VP9 to return soon in a future release. Small form-factor devices, like the Dell Venue 8 Pro, that boot with rotation or virtual mode screen size set larger than the physical screen size will experience a blue screen on upgrade and will roll back to the previous build.

Furthermore, minutes after Microsoft released the new build users started reporting a blue screen during the initial download or install of build 10565 on Dell devices. While the company wasn’t aware of the issue, it has started a forum discussion that users can use to report more details about the problem. The company also said that it’s proactively looking and working on a solution.

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