In Windows 10 build 14291, Microsoft is bringing a number of improvements on Microsoft Edge, Maps, and Alarms & Clock apps. Japanese one-handed kana touch keyboard and Japanese Lined-mode Text Input Canvas. And the company is also introducing the new Feedback Hub app. As always, there are several fixes, improvements, and known issues for both PC and Mobile.

Here’s what you will find new in build 14291

Microsoft Edge

Extensions: Similar to Chrome and Firefox, starting build 14291, the new default web browser for Windows 10 include support for extensions. There are only three basic extensions, including Microsoft Translator, Reddit, and Mouse Gestures. Insiders can download and install each extension individually. Pinned Tabs: The web browser now allows you to pin tabs. Simply, right-click the tab you like to be always available even after restarting the browser and select Pin tab. To unpin a tab, right-click the tab and click Unpin tab.

Paste and go: You can now also copy a link to clipboard, right-click on the address bar, and select Paste and go from the context menu, to paste the URL and go directly to the site you want.

Maps app

On Windows 10 build 1291, Microsoft is also updating its Maps app for Windows 10 bringing a more “lightweight, scalable, and consistent UI as well as underlying architecture improvements and new features.”

Features include, turn-by-turn directions using Cortana, you can now search cities in 3D, you can access your favorites offline and add notes, and you will see labels for each search results on the map. For more details on all the new features and changes visit the Maps app blog. 

Alarms & Clock app

The Alarms & Clock app for Windows 10 now introduces a new inline time picker and tweaked design when creating and editing alarms and timers.

Feedback Hub app

Microsoft has now merged the Insider Hub and Windows Feedback apps into as single app called the Feedback Hub. The new app is available for PC and Mobile and it includes all the features from the previous apps, plus a few new improvements. “When you open Feedback Hub for the first time, you will see a search box at the top so you can quickly find and upvote feedback items from other Insiders or submit new feedback. You will also notice that Announcements and Quests show up together in a single feed under “What’s new”.” Microsoft also added “a new description field so you can explain in more detail the feedback you are sending to us.”

Fixes included on Windows 10 for PC

Microsoft finally fixed a UI glitch in the notification area (systray). Now computers can connect to a Wi-Fi network using WEP encryption security. Fixed an issue where the “X” to close the “Find of Page” toolbar in Microsoft Edge is displayed off screen on small tablets when in portrait mode. When ejecting a USB drive the new icon should remain, instead of showing the old style icon. On Microsoft Edge the company fixed an issue where clicking the suggested search resulted in a URL to the search as the search string.

Known issues for Windows 10 build 14291 for PC

Some Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4, and Surface Book devices still experience a freeze or hang and all input such as keyboard/trackpad and touch do not work. The workaround is to reboot. PC may freeze when plugging in an Xbox One or Xbox 360 controller and other gamepad. Some apps such as QQ are still crashing. Kaspersky Anti-Virus, Internet Security, or the Kaspersky Total Security Suite installed on your PC there is a known driver bug that prevents these programs from working. If Hyper-V has a Virtual Switch configured, you may see an error indicator (red-colored “X”) for your network adapter in the system tray. However, this is not an actual error and everything should be working as expected.

Fixes included on Windows 10 Mobile

Phones can now connect to a Wi-Fi network using the old WEP encryption security. Microsoft fixes an issue resulting in slower text input speed the more words were typed. Word Flow recognition of longer words has been improved. All apps list has been updated to now follow the “Make Text Larger” ease of access setting. There is a fix for the Settings app when sometimes list unresolved app names under Extras. The company has also fixed an issue where touch targets could be out of alignment in the Photos picker.

Known issues for Windows 10 Mobile build 14291

After installing build 14291 and restore your phone from backup, then the restore will fail to install apps from backup. If you use your phone with a Microsoft Band, then the band will no longer sync. As a workaround, temporarily change the language of your phone. You also can reset the phone to resolve the issue, but you may come across other issues. Gadgets app won’t detect the Microsoft Display Dock on this build, and the latest firmware will not install either. If you have a dock which has already been updated to version 4, then this will not affect you.   Update & security on Settings has a new option to manage the Windows Insider Program, but it doesn’t work and it will crash the Settings app.

Windows 10 build 14291 is available immediately for PC and Mobile through the Fast ring of updates. The update will download automatically, but you can always force it manually going to Settings > Update & security > Windows Update and clicking the Check for updates button. Update, March 24, 2016: Microsoft continues to expand Windows 10 build 14291 to more phones. Starting March 24th, the following handsets will be available to recieve Windows 10 Mobile builds from the Development Branch:

Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL BLU Win HD W510U BLU Win HD LTE X150Q Lumia 430 Lumia 435 Lumia 532 Lumia 535 Lumia 540 Lumia 550 Lumia 635 (1GB) Lumia 636 (1GB) Lumia 638 (1GB) Lumia 640 Lumia 640 XL Lumia 650 Lumia 730 Lumia 735 Lumia 830 Lumia 930 Lumia 950 Lumia 950 XL Lumia 1520 MCJ Madosma Q501 Xiaomi Mi4

Keep in mind that your phone must have 8GB of free storage, the original software should Windows Phone 8.1, and the version number is 8.10.14219.341 or earlier. Source Microsoft, Microsoft (link 2) All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.