Alongside the new features, users will find a new improved Start menu with a unified all app list and the new changes also expands to the Start screen. Action Center and notifications are getting huge improvements, Cortana debuts on the Lock screen, the taskbar get badge notifications and the clock now shows calendar information, Windows Ink also appears in build 14328, and a lot more. There is a lot going on this build, but users has to be aware that Microsoft is releasing the new update through the Fast ring of updates, which means that there are a lot of bug fixes and improvements, and there are also a lot known issues, which you can see below.

Here’s what’s fixed on Windows 10 build 14328

Fixed issue causing the Xbox One Controller to lag and become unusable when connected to the PC. Fixed issue resulting on notifications unable to be dismissed. Fixed issue where the two factor authentication dialog wasn’t formatted correctly after an error. Fixed problem resulting in overlapped icons and clipped text in File Explorer when display is using a very large font size. Fixed tablet mode problem when opening second app, it will appear side-by-side with the first app (split-screen). Fixed issue where restarting your PC might become stuck on “Restarting…”. Fixed DPI issue with Task Manager where default column widths were too narrow. Fixed issue causing the Visual Studio emulator for Windows 10 Mobile and Hololens to fail with “An authentication error has occurred. Fixed problem where you couldn’t see the Chinese Input Method Editor candidate list while in fullscreen mode for games. Fixed issue causing Quicken to not launch. Updated the Shutdown Windows dialog to use a modern icon.

Here are the known issues for Windows 10 build 14328

Once updated to this build any extensions installed in Microsoft Edge will be removed. PC may enters Connected Standby, it may have a bluescreen (bugcheck). Playing music in the Groove Music within 2 minutes after logging into your PC will result in 0xc10100ae playback errors.  The Desktop App Converter Preview (Project Centennial) will fail to run on the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14328. In Microsoft Edge, some large downloads may appear to get stuck at 99% completion. Using BitLocker/Device Encryption and try go back to a previous build via the Settings app will crash the device and you won’t be able to rollback. To work around this issue, disable BitLocker/Device Encryption and try again. The updated UAC UI (mentioned above) won’t work after using the ALT + Y keyboard shortcut to click “Yes”. All Tencent online games no longer work in current builds from the Development Branch. Groove Music may crash on launch at the splash screen. Feedback Hub is not localized and the UI will be in English (U.S.) only, even with language packs installed. Feedback Hub takes to long to download and hydrate itself. On apps if you click on a link with a URL longer than 260 characters won’t open the default browser, instead you’ll get the “Open with” message. Settings will crash if you try to pin one of the pages to Start. You may see square boxes in certain apps when using some of the new emoji. If you upgraded from 14316, you may see stuck apps in the Store. Those apps will also be duplicated in Start’s all apps list. To resolve this issue Start downloading some other app. Pause the download, then go to the downloads and update view. Click the “Resume All” button.

Windows 10 build 14328 for PC is available immediately through the Fast ring. Insiders will be getting the update automatically, but you can always force it manually going to Settings > Update & security > Windows Update and clicking the Check for updates button. Source Microsoft All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.