However, Windows 10 build 14332 doesn’t include any significant features compare to the build 14328, where the company included a slew of new features and changes. Instead the build delivers a number of new bug fixes and improvements for both PC and Windows 10 Mobile, and Bash on Ubuntu, Cortana, and battery life enhancements for PC. Here’s the breakdown of what’s new and broken on build 14332.

New features improvements Windows 10 build 14332


Microsoft digital assistant can now search content in Office 365 applications, including emails, contacts, calendar, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint. Getting set up is as easy as connecting your work or school Office 365 account in the Connected Accounts section on Cortana’s Notebook.


Windows 10 build 14332 introduces new improvements to save battery life by reducing the activities of certain process during Connected Standby. Microsoft says that the new changes will benefit Surface and other Connected Standby capable devices.

Bash on Ubuntu on Windows 10

On the Linux shell tool for Windows 10, Microsoft is fixing a networking issue that prevented Bash from working. Now users should no longer have to modify the resolv.conf file to get it working. Now files and directories will move correctly between two locations.

Command Prompt

The new release part of the Redstone development branch also improves Command Prompt windows scaling on High-DPI devices, font selection and rendering, and improves background color painting, scrolling for nano & EMACS editors.

Fixes for Windows 10 build 14332 PC

Fixed problem causing blue screen when entering on Connected Standby after updating the operating system. Fixed drag and drop problem to reorder favorites on Microsoft Edge. Fixed issue that cause large files to get stuck at 99% during download on Microsoft Edge. Fixed issues that caused computer being unable to roll back to the previous build when BitLocker/Device Encryption is enabled. Fixed Windows Spotlight not remembering that you already liked the image. Fixed Live Tiles issue transitioning from tablet mode to the Start menu. Fixed blur and overlapped text on the Start menu. Fixed multi-monitor issue that caused taskbar elements not to display correctly. Fixed issue with Action Center content that didn’t expand correctly. Fixed issue removing thumbnails from Task View. Fixed problem with redirected folder Libraries on File Explorer. Fixed multi-monitor setup issue launching traditional desktop applications. Fixed Game Bar on High-DPI configurations. Battery icon on taskbar now displays correctly after changing DPI configurations. Apps using the “Show windows from this app on all desktops” will be remembered after you update to a new version. Groove Music should no longer crash at launch. Adding new song to the Now Playing list should no longer stop the song from playing on Groove Music. Settings app should no longer crash after pinning a setting to Start. Users will now be able to uninstall duplicated apps that appear on the Start menu. Opening Windows Defender on the Settings app should no longer fail. Touch keyboard should work correctly when trying to enter a password on the Lock screen.

Fixes for Windows 10 Mobile build 14332

Fixed the Camera app for Lumia 435, 532, 535, and 540. Fixed problem typing text on Cortana. Fixed issues with Italian keyboard. Fixed issue that caused problem renaming a device. Fixed quick status numbers on the Lock screen. Fixed headphones issue that could cause music to play out loud after the call ends after unplugging the headphones. Sharing Reminders using Cortana should be a much better experience. Press and hold the Camera Quick Action button on Action Center now launches the Camera app correctly. Improved opening the For Developers settings page. Where supported adjusting brightness automatically settings be preserved after restore or hard reset. Now you can set how long until Windows requires you sign-in again.

As always the company also published the known issues for both PC and Mobile.

Known issues for Windows 10 build 14332 PC

All apps list on Start may appear empty. Speed test is not working in the Status settings page. Non-English keyboard can’t accept Bash prompts. The new User Account Control will break using Alt + Y shortcut and you choose Yes. You may get an 0x8004C029 errors when attempting to play Groove Music Pass (DRM) content. Playing music in the Groove Music within 2 minutes after logging into your PC will result in 0xc10100ae playback errors. You may see black boxes for some emoji. Extensions won’t be preserved after installing this build. Feedback Hub will only appear in English. Feedback Hub can take a long time to start after updating.

Known issues for Windows 10 Mobile build 14332

Phone will lock up and reboot when it receives a notification from an app that has “Keep notifications private on the lock screen” turned on. Settings app may crash when you are rearranging Quick Actions. You can’t download Speech Packs. When navigating camera roll from within the Camera app, it may crash. You may get an 0x8004C029 errors when attempting to play Groove Music Pass (DRM) content. You may see a “Can’t Play – Another app is controlling your sound right now. 0xc00d4e85” errors when attempting to play Groove Music Pass (DRM) content. You may see black boxes for some emoji. Tweetitum and other apps may not launch. Feedback Hub will only appear in English.

Windows 10 build 14332 is available immediately through the Fast ring of updates. It will download and install automatically on your PC and phone, but you can always force the update from Settings > Update & security > Windows Update and clicking the Check for updates button. Source Microsoft All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.