In build 14342, Microsoft is focusing on improving Microsoft Edge by making extensions available through the Store. Swipe navigation finally arrives to the browser, and there is real-time web notifications. Ubuntu and Windows ink get various new enhancements, and the software giant is also adding a few changes on apps, such as dark theme for the new Skype UWP preview app, websites will be able to open on apps, and the Feedback Hub gets some changes based on feedback. Here are all the new features and changes Microsoft is officially announcing in the latest Anniversary Update Insider preview of Windows 10.

Microsoft Edge

In Windows 10 build 14342, users no longer need to manually sideload extensions, now they’re easily available through the Store. Along with the new change, Microsoft announces the availability the controversial AdBlock and Adblock Plus extensions, but the company said not to have both extensions running at the same time to avoid issues. On that note, please consider whitelisting from your ad block extension so the site can continue delivering content. The web browser now also supports real-time web notifications, which means that similar to apps, websites can push notifications to Action Center. Finally, Microsoft Edge is getting swipe gestures to navigate back and forward on touch-enabled devices. Only the PC version of Windows 10 includes this feature, but it will soon be coming to Windows 10 Mobile.

Bash on Ubuntu on Windows 10

The Linux command line utility for Windows 10 is getting some improvements. Bash on Ubuntu now symlinks is functional on the mounted Windows directories to help on scenarios like npm installer. Non-Latin Windows usernames can now install Bash on Ubuntu on Windows, and there are a number of other improvements that you can check out here. 

Visual updates

In the latest preview of Windows 10, Microsoft is updating the Windows Ink Workspace icon to make it more consistent with other icons in the notification area. The User Account Control dialog box has also been updated to support dark mode, and the header goes from yellow to blue.

Action Center

Action Center isn’t receiving significant changes, but now you can use the middle button scroll wheel of your mouse to dismiss single notifications or you can middle-click the app name to dismiss all the notifications for that app.

Apps for websites

Now when you navigate a website, you’ll be redirected to the app when support is included in the app, just like on mobile devices. However, there isn’t any app that supports this functionality yet. You will be able to disable apps for websites on a new page on Settings > System > Apps for websites.

Feedback Hub

The Feedback Hub now will suggest categories and subcategories when submitting a new feedback based on the context.


Starting with build 14342, Microsoft is also removing wireless network sharing feature from Wi-Fi Sense. The feature allowed users to share their wireless login information with contacts, but due to the lack of interest from users and security concerns, Microsoft has decided that is no longer a feature worth maintaining. However, Wi-Fi Sense as feature will continue to exist to offer connectivity to hotspots through crowdsourcing Wi-Fi access points — when enabled. Windows 10 build 14342 is available immediately through the Fast ring of updates. It will download and install automatically on your PC, but you can always force the update from Settings > Update & security > Windows Update and clicking the Check for updates button.  Along with the new features and improvements, Microsoft is also listing the new bug fixes and known issues for build 14342. What do you think about all the features including in this preview release of Windows 10 Anniversary Update? Let us know in the comments below. Source Microsoft All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.