Windows 10 build 14352 includes several improvements on Cortana, such as the ability to set timers and ask to play music from Groove Music. Microsoft is also updating Windows Ink with better Sticky Notes, compass on the ruler, and many new tweaks. The new preview also updates the Windows 10 Game DVR, Feedback Hub, and Windows Defender. Here are all the new changes and enhancements Microsoft is officially announcing in the latest Anniversary Update preview of Windows 10.


Play music with Cortana: On Windows 10 build 14352, you can now ask Cortana to play any song, playlist, genre, or artist from the Groove Music catalog when you have a Groove Music Pass. This is in addition to the ability to ask Cortana to play songs stored locally in your computer and from OneDrive. The new improvement also works in the Lock screen. Here are the commands to play music:

“Hey Cortana, play ” “Hey Cortana, play ” “Hey Cortana, play my ” “Hey Cortana, pause”

Set timers with Cortana: You can now ask Cortana to set a timer for anything, and you can also ask for the time left or cancel using natural language. On PC this works signed-in or above the Lock screen. On your phone you can use natural language or text. Here are the commands to set a timer:

“Hey Cortana, set a timer for 10 minutes” “Hey Cortana, how much time is left?” “Hey Cortana, cancel my timer”

Windows Ink

Sticky Notes: Microsoft is updating Sticky Notes with build 13542 and now Cortana can create reminders from a note and sync the information across devices. The update also allows Cortana to recognize phone numbers, email addresses, and URLs from the Sticky Notes whether you use ink or keyboard. Compass on ruler: The ruler has also been updated to include a compass.

Microsoft is also adding a number of performance and reliability improvements to Windows Ink:

Sketchpad now dismisses with pressing Esc or Windows key + S or Windows key + D. Sketchpad and Screen Sketch now default to touch inking ON for non-pen devices. They also remember the state of the button when launching Windows Ink Workspace. Windows Ink Workspace icon state (on or off) on the taskbar will be preserved after upgrading. Sticky Notes shows a small sticky note icon next to the app name when hovering over the app in the taskbar or Task View. Updated save icon with floppy disk icon to save your sketches. Updated experience opening Sketchpad.

Windows Defender

In the free antivirus that Microsoft ships with Windows 10 build 14352 now includes a new Limited Periodic Scanning feature that you can turn on when using other antivirus. The new functionality adds an extra layer of security by allowing Windows Defender to scan your PC for malware. When the feature is enabled (Settings > Update & security > Windows Defender and turn Limited Periodic Scanning on) each month Windows Defender will automatically scan your computer for malicious software.

Windows 10 Game DVR

Now you can record games in full-screen with the Windows 10 Game DVR using the Windows Game Bar feature.

Feedback Hub

The update for the Feedback Hub app now shows the status tags to let you know how Microsoft is actively working on the matter.

New File Explorer icon

Microsoft is now introducing an updated version of the File Explorer icon, which brings back the familiar year yellow and blue colors.

Windows 10 Enterprise (build 14352)

Starting with build 14352 you are no longer required to do a clean install of Windows 10 Enterprise to upgrade from Windows 10 Pro. Additionally, Microsoft is adding the ability to upgrade from Pro to Enterprise without the need to reboot the computer. Windows 10 build 14352 is available immediately through the Fast ring of updates. It will download and install automatically on your PC, but you can always force the update from Settings > Update & security > Windows Update and clicking the Check for updates button. Along with the new features and improvements, Microsoft is also listing the new bug fixes and known issues for the latest test version of Windows 10. What do you think about all the features including in this preview release of Windows 10 Anniversary Update? Let us know in the comments below. All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.