Microsoft also notes that Insiders won’t be seeing any more features “for a while”, as the company is currently focus on smashing bugs and polish the operating system for the July release.

Windows 10 build 14366 for PC

On build 14366 for PC, Microsoft is also addressing a number of bugs, including:

Settings app will no longer crash navigating the Privacy page. Windows Store receives an update to prevent excessive use of system resources and to prevent sudden crashes. Windows Ink Workspace gets a few minor UI tweaks. You can now right-click a .docx file on a Cortana result and access the context to open the file’s location. Fixed issue with reminders failing to display on Cortana. On Settings > System > Display should no longer cause any issues changing the monitor settings. Start now shows “Recently added” section above the “Most used” to quickly help users to find the newly installed apps. New apps will also stay in this list for 7 seven days. VPN connections get updated to prevent your PC from going to sleep while idle. Microsoft Edge should no longer use a large amount of CPU on certain scenarios. Skype notifications on Action Center should now expand correctly. Mobile Hotspot settings page now allows to select an IP address, mac address, and names to be copied to the clipboard. Fixed issue in certain apps such as Settings and Groove Music title bars of the apps using dark theme wouldn’t be dark when the window was not in focus.

Known issues for Windows 10 build 14366

Build 14366 only includes a few known issues, including:

Click on a file download link outside of Microsoft Edge, sometimes causes open a tab and close without doing anything. Narrator won’t launch from the Settings app.

Windows 10 Mobile build 14364

Unlike the PC version, build 14364 for Mobile only includes a number of fixes and improvements, including:

Tweaks on the Settings app like improvements around checkboxes and fixed issue where settings pages won’t show process indicator while loading. Action Center should no longer show notifications with missing logos. Alarms and Clock Live tile no longer should show an active alarm after it’s been dismissed. Microsoft Edge should no longer crash scrolling certain web pages. Disconnecting Bluetooth speakers should no longer put your phone in vibrate mode.

Known issues for Windows 10 Mobile build 14364

The Mobile version of Windows 10, similar to the desktop version, only rolls out with a few known issues, including:

Dual-SIM handsets will not work correctly with the second SIM. Quick Action buttons on Action Center won’t retain the order of the buttons.

Microsoft Edge

In addition, starting Windows 10 build 14366, users can now try the Office Online extension for Microsoft Edge, which let users quickly create Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other type of files without the need of installing Office. The extension also let access files stored in the cloud thanks to the OneDrive integration. Windows 10 build 14366 is available immediately through the Fast ring of updates. It’ll download and install automatically on your PC and Windows 10 Mobile handset, but you can always force the update from Settings > Update & security > Windows Update and clicking the Check for updates button. It’s important to note that it will take some time for mobile users to see the new update. While we’re listing the most important changes for the new Windows 10 Anniversary Update preview, there are more details about this new flight that you can check at the Windows Blog. Update, June 17, 2016: Alongside the release of Windows 10 build 14367 to the Fast ring, Microsoft has just announced that Windows 10 build 14366 is now available in the Slow ring.

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