Windows 10 build 15014, according to the software giant, allows users to purchase ebooks directly from the Windows Store and read them on Microsoft Edge. You can now further personalize your experience by using your own custom access colors. There is a new option in the Storage settings to free up space on your hard drive, and a new power slider to improve battery life or performance, and much more.

What’s new on Windows 10 build 15014

Window Store now with ebooks

The Windows Store now features a new section where you can purchase ebooks and read them using Microsoft Edge. Once you made your purchase, you’ll find your books in the new Books library hub in Microsoft Edge located next to your favorite, history, downloads, and reading list sections. In the Books library hub for Microsoft Edge, you can use the table of contents or seek bar. You can also bookmark pages, look up words and phrases, and play embedded video and audio content. Other customization options include widen text spacing to improve reading speed and comprehension, and you can change the font and text size, themes, navigation control and more. Microsoft Edge already supports PDF files, but starting with build 15014, you can now read unprotected epub ebooks. This new feature is available for PC and Mobile users in the US.


On the Personalization settings, the Colors page is getting updated and now there is an accent color picker, so you can create any color scheme you want. You can even click “more” to enter RGB, HSV, or HEX color codes. The color picker is also available in the Background settings page when you have selected “Solid Color” or “Picture”. On the System setting, the Storage page is getting a new option called Storage Sense that you can enable to let the operating system automatically delete unnecessary temporary items and those items that have been in the recycle bin for 30 days. On the Network & Internet settings, the Wi-Fi page has been updated and now Wi-Fi Sense and Paid Wi-Fi Services have been merged into a single section “Wi-Fi services”. This change is available for PC as well as on Mobile devices.


On Windows 10 build 15014 there aren’t significant improvements with Cortana, but Microsoft has updated the search book with a lighter shade. In addition, Cortana’s voice notifications and Action Center now show larger font and uses accent color.


Windows 10 devices are also getting a new slider in the power flyout on the Taskbar to change the power settings to better optimize the battery life. Options include: “Battery Saver”, “Recommended”, and “Best Performance”. However, the feature isn’t available for everyone and it’s not working at this time.

My People

During the announcement of build 15014, Microsoft has also noted that “My People”, the feature that brings your closest contacts to the Taskbar and enables you to quickly share files and messages, won’t be part of the Windows 10 Creators Update. Instead, the feature will appear in the next major update release, which currently we know as Windows 10 Redstone 3. Microsoft is listing the complete set of the features, fixes, and known issues for build 15014 at the Windows Blog. You can also use the following resources:

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Windows 10 build 15014 is available immediately through the Fast ring. It’ll download and install automatically on your PC and Mobile device, but you can always force the update from Settings > Update & security > Windows Update and clicking the Check for updates button. All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.