Windows 10 Insider Preview build 17723, according to the software maker, uses machine learning to prevent reboots to apply updates while you’re using your device. This flight also delivers improvements for Microsoft Edge, and emoji version 11 arrives to Windows 10 with 157 new emojis. The Mixed Reality experience gains the ability to peer into your physical world through the new Flashlight feature without having to remove the headset. Microsoft is also making it easier to set up Windows 10 in kiosk mode. The operating system will now show time more accurately, and much more.

What’s new with Windows 10 build 17723

Here are the changes included in the latest Redstone 5 preview of Windows 10 coming later this year:

Windows Update

Perhaps one of the most frustrating aspects about Windows 10 is the ability to try to install new updates while you’re working on your computer. Starting with build 17723, if you have an update pending, Windows 10 will use an updated “reboot logic” to be more “adaptive and proactive.” Using cloud machine learning, Microsoft has trained a “predictive model” to accurately predict when is the right time to restart the device.

Game bar

In this flight, you can now open the Game bar from the Start menu or using the Windows + G keyboard shortcut.

Windows Mixed Reality

Starting with build 17723, Windows 10 introduces a new Flashlight feature for its Windows Mixed Reality experience, which adds the ability to peer into the physical world without the need to remove your headset and prevent fumbles.

Microsoft Edge

This flight also introduces several improvements for Microsoft Edge, including Acrylic effect (part of Fluent Design) for the main menu. When you right-click a book in the Microsoft Edge Books pane, you’ll now see an option to share the book, PDF activities will now be listed in Timeline, and Microsoft Edge no longer supports XSS filter. The default web browser is getting a few new policies for administrators, including policies to control full-screen mode, printing, favorites bar, and saving history. In addition, you’ll find new Group Policies and MDM settings to prevent certificate error overrides, configure the Home button and startup options, set the New Tab page and Home button URL, and managing extensions.


Windows 10 build 17723 includes Unicode 11 which comes with 157 new emojis, including superheroes, redheads, a softball, a pirate flag and a llama. In addition, this release also includes tweaks in some of the existing emojis.


Starting with this flight, Windows 10 includes support for Leap Second, which allows occasional 1-second adjustments in a traceable and UTC-compliant manner. This build also includes a new time protocol that delivers far more accurate time samples to the endpoint to display time more accurately. In addition, you can now further improve your network time accuracy by eliminating the software delay introduced by the Windows networking stack.


In this Redstone 5 update, the Settings app is making easier to set up devices as kiosk or digital sign devices. The new page provides a wizard that walks you through the kiosk setup flow including creating a kiosk account that will automatically sign in on device start. Additionally, Microsoft Edge now works with assigned access which allows administrators to create a tailored browsing experience designed for kiosk devices. Supported kiosk mode include digital and interactive signage, two public browsing modes, and normal mode.

Additional improvements

Alongside the numerous tweaks and new features, Windows 10 build 17723 also ships with some additional improvements, including a new icon for the Delivery Optimization Settings page, and some tweaks to the design of the Cortana & Search landing page, specifically in situations where Cortana isn’t enabled or supported.

Windows 10 version 1903 (19H1)

Along with build 17723, Microsoft is also releasing Windows 10 build 18204 for devices using the Skip Ahead option. This marks the first preview for the next major release of Windows 10 coming in the first half of 2019. Currently build 18204 includes all the same changes found in 17723, but eventually, the company will start adding different improvements and features specific for the 19H1 development. Microsoft is listing the complete set of improvements, fixes, and known issues for Windows 10 Insider Preview build 17713 and build 18204 at the Windows Blog.

Downloading Windows 10 build 17723

Although there are no ISO files for Windows 10 build 17723, the update is available immediately through the Fast ring for PCs. This preview build will download and install automatically on your device, but you can always force the update from Settings > Update & security > Windows Update and clicking the Check for updates button. (You can learn how to join the Windows Insider Program on this video.) You can also check out these resources:

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