Windows 10 build 18860, according to the company, in the Cursor & pointer setting, tooltips will now show when you move the mouse over the different color options. It addresses an interface problem with Task Manager, more specifically when you set the Performance tab as your default, and this release fixes problems with BitLocker and Narrator. In addition, as part of the Narrator experience, build 18860 introduces new improvements like Braille user can now reliably activate links by routing key. Narrator will now present “invalid” or “required” properties on more controls. Scan mode will now switch off to allow typing in the edit field of a spinner control. Narrator now announces the toggle state of checkbox in Listview, and there are improvements in the fallback logic for controls with no accessible name. Alongside the new improvements, Microsoft is also announcing several known issues for Windows 10 build 18865 at the Windows Blog.

Download Windows 10 build 18865

Although there are no ISO files for Windows 10 build 18865, the update is available immediately through the Skip Ahead ring. This preview build will download and install automatically on your device, but you can always force the update from Settings > Update & security > Windows Update, and clicking the Check for updates button. You can also check out these resources:

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