In the last 17 previews, Windows 10 has introduced a small set of features and changes, such as a modern Disk Management tool built into the Settings app. The ability to enable DNS over HTTPS (DoH) through the networking settings. Also, you can now install and update the Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 with a single command. The welcome experience using Microsoft Edge has been replaced with the Tips app to highlight the new improvements after a feature update. The Chromium version of Edge gets “Alt + Tab” integration, and Windows 10 also includes a new setting to specify the default high performance GPU on devices with multiple video cards. In addition, there is a new Start menu that incorporates a more streamlined design that shifts from a chaotic color to something more uniform. You’re still getting tiles, but the menu now reduces the color of blocks using transparency to match the menu color scheme and uses traditional icons designs that should help to make easier to find an app quickly. Whether you’re planning to install the latest preview or want to learn about the progress that Microsoft has been making for future releases, watch this hands-on video that covers build 20197 and the last 17 releases. Subscribe to the Pureinfotech YouTube channel and like the video if you find it insightful. You can also check the review of Windows 10 build 19603 and older previews in this video:

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