In the latest leak, the Settings app is much improved and there is a new home page grouping the PC settings on logical sections. (The new Settings home page reminds me a lot to what you see today in the Control Panel, which still present, but it looks that eventually it might also get replaced as well.)

Here are the new changes for Settings in build 9901:

Other than the new home page, the user-interface remains intact, but we’re expecting Microsoft to make some more changes in future updates. Settings now shows a lot more Control Panel functionality, besides all the features we already seen from the Windows Insider and previous leaks, the Settings for Windows 10 build 9901 shows: Storage Sense: Although, the features isn’t working, but looking at the same feature in Windows Phone. It seems clear that Microsoft will permit users to store new apps and games on different locations, including secondary hard drives and micro SD cards, which will be beneficial for devices with limited space.

Background: In the new Personalization page, users will be able to change the desktop background, personalize the lock screen, and change sync settings.

Provisioning packages: In the Accounts page Microsoft is also introducing “Provisioning packages”, which seems to be a feature that will allow IT professionals to prepare your device to access your company or school.

Closed captioning: Ease of Access now features settings to control closed captioning in Windows 10.

Personalization and Speech: On the Privacy page for Settings, now includes configurations options, which I can only assume is for Cortana.

Location:  The Privacy page also includes a few new settings for location to allow users to change location preferences, show notification when location is being used, and to clear location history.

Change branch: On Update & recovery, Preview builds allows users to choose from which branch to download new builds. It’s worth noting that this option only works internally for Microsoft and the company has already stated, that people running the leak build (9901) of Windows 10, won’t be able to update to the next build, as this version has a bug that prevents future installs.

Backup: On the Update & recovery page, Microsoft is also adding a new Backup option that replaces the File History item. However, the feature still present under the Local backup option. And users can also backup apps data, Start layout, passwords, favorites, and other system settings to OneDrive. SEE ALSO: Windows 10 build 9901: Hands-on with Cortana running on the desktop These are all the most noticeable changes for Settings on Windows 10 build 9901, there are a few other items that still new since build 9879, but they already appeared on the previous leak (build 9888) and you can check them here. All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.