However, the development is an ongoing process and to make sure everything works, the operating system needs to be updated, and today July 29th, Microsoft is releasing its day one patch for Windows 10 and it’s over 1GB on size! The update is expected to resolve many reported issues on 10240.16405.150725-1815.th1, which is the build number users will be receiving starting today. If you’re making the jump to Windows 10 today, the day one patch should download with the rest of the operating system files, which in terms should update your system to version 10240.16405. Yes, the update has a significant size, but it’s important to note that even though the update is massive, it won’t be fixing everything that is broken in Windows 10. We’re still in the early days and Microsoft will continue to improve the operating system as we move forward. If you need to install the update manually, below you’ll find the updates in KB formats:

KB3074683 (x32) KB3074683 (x64)

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