Today, Microsoft is announcing that Windows 10 build 10051 for phones is available for anyone to try, but it’s also warning a number of known issues that you should know before installing. Below, there is a list with all the issues known to build 10051:

There might be situations in which auto-upload of your Camera Roll to OneDrive may not be working. Please be sure to back up your photos especially if you need to use the Windows Phone Recovery Tool to go back to Windows Phone 8.1. The Office Hub has been removed from this build. You won’t be able to open Word, Excel, PowerPoint or OneNote files in this build. Preview versions of the universal Office apps will be available in the coming weeks. All Bluetooth-based interactions with Cortana are not working in this build because we’re reworking how Cortana interacts with Bluetooth. This includes dictating and reading text messages, initiating searches and chit-chat, and all system-level control (such as playing music, launching applications, or navigating settings. After upgrade, some apps that have been installed onto a SD memory card will fail to launch. To fix this, uninstall and reinstall the apps. About 1% of the time, incoming phone calls may not play a ringing sound. Call + SMS filtering will not work after upgrade. For people upgrading their phone from Build 9941, there is a bug in which your phone’s MMS settings will be lost after upgrade. The new Messaging app doesn’t yet have the ability to re-enter these settings. You will need to use the Windows Phone Recovery Tool to go back to Windows Phone 8.1 and then upgrade to this build to get MMS working again. Also for people upgrading their phone from Build 9941, the tiles on your Start screen for the Camera and Photos apps may be missing or corrupt. You will have to unpin any corrupt tiles and re-pin the apps to your Start screen. On some phones, due to a scaling bug the dismiss button won’t be visible when an alarm is triggered. To stop your phone from “alarming” just touch the arrow and swipe up on the notification and off the screen to end the alarm. On phones with 512MB of memory, apps can randomly crash due to an issue with memory management. Flight mode cannot be enabled. Data connections can’t be disabled. You may need to re-pin the Phone app after upgrade. The Insider Hub is now included on Phone but may fail to launch on some phones.

As you can see there is some thinking to do before installing… Obviously there are a lot things not working correctly in this build, as such it’s not recommended that you use this version as your primary phone operating system. However, if you know what are you getting yourself into, then it should be a lot of fun. Source Microsoft All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.