Navigating to the Personalization page inside the Settings app, you’ll find a new “Background” option to manage the your desktop wallpapers.

In Color, you’ll find three new options, including “Automatically pick a color from my background”, “Show color on taskbar and Start menu”, and “Make Start menu transparent”. These new settings will add more flexibility on how users can personalize Windows 10, as users can now customize how color scheme are applied. In addition, it seems that Windows 10 will have the option to change the window border color for those who don’t like the gray color, which is currently set as default.

Perhaps one of the most important new option is the ability for users to disable the Start menu transparency, which by default is enabled. Another significant change can be found on Action Center, where now it seems that the new notification center will match the color of the theme you select.

It all points out that Microsoft is moving the all the Personalization options to the Settings app, but it looks like users will still be able to customize Themes from the Control Panel, at least for now, as one of the settings found in the Personalization options is a link to “Classic Settings”.

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