While we wait for Microsoft to release new build through the Fast ring, below are a few details on what the company has been working. The Start menu received a fair update, now we can see that the menu is transparent. The expand button has been updated as well. You’ll notice that File Explorer, Documents, and Settings are listed in the menu without icons hinting that they will stay in the list permanently. New to build 10036 it’s a drop down menu for folder inside the Start menu, but there is a big bug, you can’t close the folder and the menu crashes. This bug makes the build very unstable. There is a new Task View with a new design. Now desktop are numbered and you can create as many as you want. The behavior of Task View has changed in build 10036, now each virtual desktop acts as a new desktop. For example, if you opened File Explorer in Desktop 1, you won’t see it running on the taskbar on Desktop 2, instead opening File Explorer in the new desktop will start a new instance. However, it’s unclear if it will be the same behavior with modern and third-party apps. You can now easily drag & drop apps in the Task View to move apps to a new desktop, something that needed more work in Windows 10 build 9926. The system tray now has received a new hover design change that matches the notification center, something that users have complaint in the past. Windows Defender has a new icon in the system tray (Yeah!). That’s not all… Now you can change Windows Defender options in the Settings app. (Settings / System / Windows Defender) In Windows 10 10036, there is a new fly out menu for the network settings to easily connect to wire and Wi-Fi networks. If you want to get to the settings, simply click the Network settings link in the bottom left corner of the screen. The Settings app, now is more refined, and you’ll find the UI more complete and with new elements. The Windows Insider Hub app has been updated and now you can track your progress when offering feedback to Microsoft. For example, you can start a mission and after you have completed, you’ll find the process in the app. Finally, the Windows 10 Technical Preview build 10036 has a smaller Start button for whatever reason. The video below shows in more details all the new changes in Windows 10:

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