One of the areas Microsoft is also improving is the logon experience. In the past, users have to go through the Lock screen and logon screen backgrounds to get into the desktop, which wasn’t a very smooth experience. Starting with Windows 10 (build 14279) and later versions, Microsoft is now merging these two experiences by showing only one background in the Lock and logon screen.

Windows 10 new logon experience

The new change puts the Lock screen background image on both screens with a new transition effect. The new logon screen should look familiar, as it’s very similar to the experience you will get on a Windows 10 Mobile handset. Microsoft is also planning to add more tweaks on future releases to make the transition between the two screens smoother. Currently, the experience is broken for users who are using the Spotlight feature, but the company says that it will fix it on upcoming previews. Windows 10 Redstone will have two releases — The first update is on track to roll out sometime in June of this year, and the second update is reportedly delayed until early 2017. Do you like the new logon experience on Windows 10? Let us know in the comments below.  All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.