Microsoft also notes that it has received over 200,000 pieces feedback generated via the Windows Feedback app. Top requests include option to remove the search and task view buttons from the taskbar, add animation when opening the Start menu, and make it easier to use local accounts. SEE ALSO: Windows 10: new features included in the Technical Preview

Windows 10 Technical Preview by the numbers

When testing unfinished software it’s usually recommended to install the operating system in a virtual machine, but in Windows 10 numbers are showing something different. According to Microsoft, people are testing Windows 10 in physical PCs more than in virtual machines. Microsoft telemetry shows 36 percent of installations are happening on VMs, while the remaining 64 percent of installations are happening in actual PCs. (Though by any means this suggested Windows 10 is ready to replace your primary stable operating system.) SEE ALSO: How to safely test drive Windows 10 Technical Preview Telemetry also shows that 68 percent of users are launching more than 7 apps per day, and there is also data that shows 25 percent of devices running Windows 10 Technical Preview run more than 26 apps per day, and there is a 5 percent that shows up 68 apps are being used per day.

New Windows 10 build is coming…

While we still don’t know when exactly Microsoft will release the next build of Windows 10 Technical Preview, we know that another build is coming soon according to Belfiore. SEE ALSO: Watch the full Windows 10 event that you probably missed (video) The news shows that Windows 10 has a good start as the company keeps working to advance its operating system, we’ll see Microsoft evolving the Windows 10 based on user feedbacks. Are you testing Windows 10 Technical Preview? Source Microsoft All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.