Although, the dark theme is new to Windows 10, Windows Phone users should find this feature particularly familiar, as the Microsoft’s mobile operating system already let users choose between a light and dark theme on its handsets. This is another feature that brings the mobile and desktop operating system closer together, and one that gives users more power over customization. In addition, who says that in the future, it could be possible that the light and dark theme would be another option that will roam between mobile and desktop devices.

Enable hidden dark theme on Windows 10

If you feel adventurous, below you’ll find the set of steps, you need to follow to enable the dark theme in Windows 10 Technical Preview: Keep in mind that in order for the dark theme to take over the taskbar and Action Center, you need to go to the Settings apps and under Personalization \ Colors, you need to have the option “Show color on taskbar and Start menu” switched to “On”. If not, the taskbar and Action Center will continue to inherit the color scheme from the theme you’re using.

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