But now we have a little more information about the Microsoft plan. According to a new report from Mary Jo Foley at ZDNet, claims that the company will be rolling out a new consumer preview build of Windows 10 labeled as “January Technical Preview” (JTP). Follow the January build, Microsoft will roll out the February Technical Preview (FTP) and March Technical Preview (MTP), and you can now see the pattern. SEE ALSO: Windows 10 Consumer Preview: features to expect in 2015 What’s is most interesting is that it seems that Windows 10 January Technical Preview will include the new Continuum mode, which allows users on 2-in-1 devices to transition from mouse and keyboard to a touch-optimized experience without having to sign-out to switch between modes. Microsoft previously demoed Continuum, but it was only a video concept, now Windows Insiders will have the chance to test the new feature fully. Also Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant, already expected to ship in Windows 10, will be arriving for testing in the January preview. There has been rumors and even a screenshot claiming Cortana beginning to appear in private builds of the operating system, but its authenticity still questionable. SEE ALSO: Windows 10 build 9888: all the new stuff from the leaked version (video) According to the same report, the company is also expected to unveil for the first time a version of the Windows 10 mobile, a single version of the operating system tailor to smartphones and small tablets based on ARM and Intel processors. Since this SKU of Windows 10 aims to small mobile screens, it’s likely that there won’t be a desktop present, which if it is true, it’s possible that desktop applications won’t be allowed to run in this version. More information will likely be revealed around January 20th to 21st, the time when Microsoft will be showing off the progress in Windows 10 to press and analysts during the special event in Redmond, Washington. Though, it’s unclear when a preview build will be available for testers, for now the mobile version of Windows 10 is limited to the Operating Systems Group. However once the company makes available the bits for Windows Phone, the operating system will be updated monthly, similar to the client version, according to Mary Jo. I’ve been proactively covering every feature coming to Windows 10, so if you need a refresher, check out my coverage here. Source ZDNet All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.