In addition, Calendar is also getting an update bringing features like colored categories, interesting calendars, and travel reservations and package deliveries support.

Mail Focused Inbox & Mentions

Focused Inbox is a feature that allows you to break your inbox into two sections that filters the most important emails into the new Focused section, and the less relevant messages, such as newsletters and offers will appear in the Other section. Microsoft uses machine-learning to learn your habits and identify low-priority emails, which thus far has worked well on the Outlook app for mobile devices. However, Focused Inbox for Mail on Windows 10 is limited to and Office 365 accounts, even though the same functionality also works for Gmail and Google Apps accounts on the mobile version of the app. You can improve the feature by manually adding emails to your Focused Inbox, just right-click the email and select “Move to Focused” or “Move to Other” options. Focused Inbox for Windows 10 Mail is enabled by default, but it’s a feature you can quickly disable if it’s not for you. Simply go to the app’s Settings > Reading and turning off the option. In this release, the email client for Windows 10 is also getting Mentions, a feature that allows you to brings others to the conversation. Simply add the @ symbol in the body of the email to include a new contact, letting the person know that they’ve been tagged in the email. If the person isn’t part of the conversation already, then they’ll be added to the “To:” line to receive a copy of the message.

Calendar improvements

Alongside the new Mail improvements, the Calendar app for Windows 10 is getting some changes as well. In this new version, Microsoft is adding colors to highlight categories, interesting calendars, and support for travel reservations and package deliveries. Colors on categories gives you the ability to quickly scan and visually associate similar events. Interesting Calendars is a new feature that allows you to keep track of TV shows schedules and your favorite sport teams. Travel reservations and package deliveries is perhaps the most useful addition in the release. With the feature when you have a travel reservation or package tracking event a card will pop in your inbox and calendar to quickly jump into the event details, so you can check flight information, change hotel reservation or track your package status and more. The new feature is enabled by default, but you can always change settings by using the “events in email” settings on your account on the web. Other changes include a new option to add Skype for online meetings, improvements on the locations feature, and a people picker to quickly select contacts. The new update for Mail & Calendar is rolling out now, but it’ll take some time to reach everyone. Source Microsoft All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.