Windows 10 Mobile build 14322 focuses on changes on Action Center and notifications improvements, Cortana get new ways to set reminders, the Settings app gets updated with new settings and improved layout. Microsoft Edge gets better copy/paste feature and better tab management, the Lock screen gets a camera button and media playback controllers. Similar to the PC version of Windows 10, the version for Mobile includes improvements on battery, Windows Update, and a lot more. Here is what’s new on Windows 10 Mobile build 14322:

Action Center & notifications

Action Center UI improvements: App notifications icons are no longer shown on each notification. Windows 10 Mobile now groups all the notifications per app and show a single icon next to the header. Microsoft says that this change allows to get more space to display other content. Notifications UI improvements: Action Center now supports richer notifications with a new layout that looks very similar to Live Tiles in the Start menu. You’ll now see big images and content that makes each notifications more engaging. Notification priority: You can now go to Settings > System > Notifications & actions to prioritize notifications and set the number of notifications you want to see per-app. If this features sounds familiar, it’s because Microsoft delivered the feature for PC with build 14316. Quick Actions improvements: As previously anticipated, Windows 10 Mobile allows you to remove and re-arrange Quick Actions you see in Action Center. The new customization options are available on Settings > System > Notifications & actions. In addition, in the settings page, you’ll also see all the Quick Actions that appear in Action Center. You can now also press and hold to relocate any actions buttons, and you can remove any button by clicking the link below all the buttons and turning off the actions you don’t want to see. Cortana notifications: Starting on build 14322, there are new “insights for Cortana” to make sure you don’t miss anything important, including reminders and meeting conflicts.


Settings UI improvements: The Settings app now features icons for each setting page and the icons will also show up when you pin a specific setting to the Start menu. There is also a new dropdown flyout with page suggestions as you begin searching for setting. P New page on Settings: Microsoft has also created a new page on Settings to control navigation bar settings, including vibration and double-tab to turn off the screen. The new settings are located on Settings > Personalization > Navigation bar. Settings relocation: Windows 10 Mobile build 14322 relocates the Glance options to Settings > Personalization > Glance screen. Windows Update improvements: As the PC build 14316, the new mobile preview includes the new Active Hours feature in Windows Update, which allows you to set the time you’re actively using your computer to prevent download and install of updates during that period. The new feature is located on Settings > Update & security > Windows Update. Battery settings: Similar to the PC, Microsoft is renaming Battery Saver to simply Battery. The update also brings a new revamped Detailed Battery Use page to manage per-app background settings and everything is shown in a single page. “You can also adjust the percentage in which Battery Saver turns on (which is at 20% by default).”

Lock screen

Media playback controls: Similar to other platforms, now when listening to music, you’ll be able to control your music even when your phone is locked. Camera button: When your phone is locked, you can now press and hold the camera button on the lock screen to launch the Camera app and take pictures.


Microsoft’s digital assistant is getting two new ways to allow you to create reminders:


Photo Reminders: You can now take a picture and set it as reminder. For instance, you can take a picture of anything in the grocery store and set Cortana to remind you to buy the item the next time you’re in the store. Universal Windows Platform app reminders: You can now also create new reminder from content on supported apps, such as from Microsoft Edge and the News apps. For example, “You can share an article from the News app to Cortana and have her remind you to read it at a later time.”

Microsoft Edge

Tab behavior improvements: When tapping a link on a app it’ll open a new tab on Edge, when you tap back, the tab will close and you’ll go back to the app. Copy/paste improvements: When typing into an edit box on a website, you can now use the paste button above the keyboard. In addition, when selecting text from a web page the copy button will show up near the selection.

USB Ethernet Support with Continuum (Mobile)

On Windows 10 Mobile with support for Continuum can now use USB Ethernet adapters to connect to a network, instead of just Wi-Fi. For example, if your Lumia 950 or Lumia 950 XL is connected to the Microsoft Display Dock, you’ll be able to connect a USB Ethernet adapter to get network connectivity.


Microsoft is also updating the Windows 10 Mobile emoji, and now they arranged as follows: Favorites, Smileys and Animals, People, Celebrations and Objects, Food and Plants, Transportation and Places, Symbols, and ASCII emoticons.

If you’re part of the Insider preview program and your phone is set to receive new build from the Fast ring, Windows 10 Mobile build 14322 will download and install automatically. However, you can always go to Settings > Update & security > Windows Update and force the download by tapping the Check for updates button. Along with the new features and changes, Microsoft is also listing the all new bug fixes and known issues for the new release of mobile operating system. What do you think about the new change for the Mobile version of Windows 10? Tell us in the comments below. Source Microsoft All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.