Based on user feedback Microsoft has made a few changes in this release of the preview, for example:

There are two new options to enable users to hid the Search or Task View (virtual desktop)  buttons on the taskbar. The animation to minimize and restore open apps has now been calibrated, so it isn’t jarring anymore. The Charms menu in modern apps now has a new “hamburger-style” button, which it makes easier for user to find the Apps Commands, which was a bit difficult with the previous three dots button. The company also fix a bunch of bugs as a result of user submissions.

As previously shown, users will notice that they can use Snap Assist with apps across multiple monitors. Also there are 3-finger gestures to make you more productive using the touchpad. Here is the list of new gestures:

3 finger up to open the Task View. 3 finder down to Show Desktop. 3 finger flick to the left of right to switch to the preview app (go back 1). 3 finger move left or right to bring the Task View (Alt + Tab) and you can select app you want. 3 finger tap to use Search.

New UI improvements

In the new build the company has improved some UI elements in the operating system. In File Explorer, now you can pin favorite folders to the new Home section. Modern dialog boxes now are correctly windowed.

And Microsoft is also introducing new folder icons. Which the company says it’s a work in progress and more changes are coming in later builds.

New native media file support

In Windows 10 Technical Preview build 9860, we’ve noticed support for MKV media files, with the release of build 9879, Microsoft has further improved and made the experience more complete. Now you can natively play MKV files in Windows Media Player, on the desktop and from modern apps, the File Explorer even support thumbnails and metadata. Also there is support for DLNA and Play To scenarios has been included. There also new support for H.265 HEVC and more support will be added in later builds.

Internet Explorer improvements

Although, we still don’t have the modern version of Internet Explorer, the IE team has made significant improvements to enable faster rendering up to 10%. And if you see a problem, you can click the new smiley face to send a feedback to Microsoft.

OneDrive improvements

Starting with Windows 10 preview 9879, Microsoft is changing the way OneDrive syncs files on your computer. Because it’s hard to see which files were “available online” (placeholder) versus “available offline” and files physically stored on your PC using Windows 8.1. Microsoft has now made changes, so OneDrive will use “selective sync”. This way you can now easily choose what files you want to have synced to your PC and you don’t have to worry about downloading. Now with this new build, you can choose to have all your OneDrive files synced to your PC or only the files you select.

Also because it wasn’t obvious how users could get to OneDrive files (through the Universal app or File Explorer). Now in Windows 10, Microsoft will only provide one way to access these files and this will be through the File Explorer. If you need to manage OneDrive, simply right-click the cloud icon in the System Tray and click Settings. Of course there are more features and changes in this build yet to be discovered, stay tuned as I will writing a series of articles about all the changes. All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.