It’s still early to tell, but it seems that Microsoft will be including changes on the Network options that we see in the Charms bar. For example, when accessing the basic network settings from the Charms bar in build 9841, it behaves in the same way it does in Windows 8.1, where you can manage networks from the charms pane. In the newer build of Windows 10, accessing the network settings has changed. Now clicking the Network button opens the settings in a new window, where users can get access to the Wi-Fi and wired settings, and VPN controls are also accessible from here. It’s not surprising that Microsoft is taking a new direction on accessing some of the settings currently accessible from the Charms bar as we already know that the company is preparing to move away from this experience at least for desktop users. Tablets will continue to have access to the Charms bar, but Microsoft will further modify the experience before launch. Updated animations in Windows 10 makes the operating system more slick and polished operating system. It appears that the next build of Windows 10 will include new system animations when launching and minimizing a new window. Now when opening a new window, you’ll see that it flies out in to the screen from the icon and the same occurs when you minimize a window, it flies back to the icon in the Taskbar. This will look familiar if you ever used Apple’s OS X, the effects are similar when opening and minimizing a window in to the dock. (Though, Windows already features transitions, the one in Windows 10 is an updated version.) Finally, the Notification Center has been spotted in a newer build of Windows 10 Technical Preview. However, it’s unclear if Microsoft will push the feature in the next build for Windows Insiders. SEE ALSO: Windows 9: notification center shown in action from leaked build 9834 (video) The features and changes that I’m mentioning here are likely to be part of Windows 10. Though, it’s yet unclear if all of them will be included in the next build that Microsoft plans to release soon. It’s worth noting again that Microsoft has stated that those users who change the registry key to see newer builds of Windows 10 won’t be able to update to future builds. So if you’re one of those users, here is how to roll back the settings. The information was collected from several reports published by and article previously published by Pureinfotech. Update: Windows 10 Technical Preview rolled out with build number 9860 and all the features are mentioned in this article are part of the release. All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.