According to The Verge, sources familiar to the development, the software giant is currently testing with “Cortana floating around Windows 10.” As currently rumored, the new version of Cortana for the desktop version of Windows 10 will include the ability to float around the operating system user interface. Perhaps, similar to the Clippy character, Microsoft’s digital assistant will appear on top of documents, contextually, and providing information and other sort of assistance when needed in a non-intrusive way. The new approach will make Cortana smarter and it will enable the assistant to control even more features. It’s said that Microsoft is also planning to tie its Office 365 services directly into Cortana transforming Windows 10 into a project hub for enterprises and everyday users. On mobile, the personal assistant will include “on-tap” functionality. If it sounds familiar that’s because, Google Now includes a similar feature. With on-tap, Cortana will appear contextually surfacing information and the ability to perform quick search queries, which is similar to the feature the software giant has been testing with Bing snapshots on tap on Android. Another feature the software giant is working on to upgrade with Windows 10 Redstone is Action Center. According to the same report, the next major upgrade of the operating system will introduce new features in Action Center, and it’s likely that Microsoft will allow apps to integrate with “widget-like functionality.” Indeed, these are quite interesting features coming to Windows 10 Redstone. Microsoft is planning to release the second major update for its operating system sometime in 2016. The update also will roll out in two parts with the first update arriving in the early months of 2016 and the second update could be arriving during the fall timeframe of the same year. Among other features, Microsoft is planning to bring extension support for the Edge browser, and improvements to support new hardware, such as Microsoft Band, HoloLens, Xbox, Surface Hub, and various other Microsoft products that run the new operating system. Source The Verge All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.