The versioning reference was found on a document with content revealing aspects of the Universal Windows Platform and Xbox, where Microsoft refers it as “Windows 10 version 1607” (“16” for 2016 and “07” for July). This reference also confirms that the software giant will continue with the same versioning scheme from the two last releases of the operating system: version 1511 and version 1507. Here’s the paragraph from Microsoft’s website with the reference, which the company has quickly removed after the news started spreading: Furthermore, if the company moves forward with this version, it also means that Windows 10 Redstone 1 (rs_1) will be delayed a few weeks from the original plan, rolling out in July rather than June. Of course, plans could always change at the last minute, but the software giant has always aimed to release the first part of the major update between June and July. Build 2016 is upon us once again, as such we’re hoping the company will officially shed more light on the next update. Source Microsoft via WinBeta All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.