During a new webcast (via WindowsLastest), the company revealed a number of changes coming to the setup experience when upgrading to the new version. In its current state, the setup experience doesn’t offer easy to understand information when a compatibility issue is detected. In the new experience, if there’s a known compatibility problem with an app or driver, Windows 10 will display a screen with friendly information and the action you need to take to successfully upgrade your device. According to the software giant, these are the current problems with the Windows 10 Setup:

Users would often get to a setup block and not know what to do afterwards. The current messaging is generic and it does not help a user understand how to get unblocked (if possible).

Starting with the May 2019 Update, the setup will provide users with more details and actionable features:

There is a place where users can go to learn more about their issue. Ensure the associated KB is linked to the “Learn More” link. Enabling users the ability to install or upgrade an application, if applicable.

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