Similar to previous releases, the May 2020 Update is available as an optional update, which means that you will receive a notification, and only when you initiate the process manually, Windows Update will download and install the new version. However, if your device is running a version nearing the end of service, then Windows 10 will eventually try to install the feature update automatically. 

Download Windows 10 version 2004

Starting on May 27, 2020, you can download the new version manually using the Media Creation Tool or Update Assistant. Also, if you’re already running version 1909 or 1903, you can upgrade to the new version clicking the Download and install now option in the Windows Update settings after you get the notification confirming that the update is ready for your device. Once you click the install button, your device will restart and complete the upgrade automatically, similar to a monthly update installation. The only difference is that this process will take a more time to apply.

Upgrading to version 2004

If you can’t wait until the update is available automatically, there are a few ways to upgrade immediately. You can use the Update Assistant, which is a tool that allows you to force the upgrade of the Windows 10 May 2020 Update. Or you can use the Media Creation Tool to perform an in-place upgrade without losing your files, apps, or settings. You can even use the same tool to perform a clean install of the May 2020 Update, which can help to resolve previous problems including performance issues. In addition, it’s also possible to download the ISO file with version 2004 to perform a clean or in-place upgrade using a USB bootable media.

What’s new with Windows 10 version 2004

The new version of Windows 10 focuses on improving on existing features, as a result, you’re getting a bunch of incremental changes and some new small features. For example, the “Reset this PC” experience has been updated with a new Cloud Download option, which allows you to download a fresh copy of Windows 10 directly from the Microsoft servers, instead of using the file locally available on the computer. The Sign-in settings includes a new option to switch to a modern form of authentication using Windows Hello, ditching the use of password across the entire operating system. You can now use a text cursor indicator, in the “Ease of Access” settings, which is a feature that will help you see and find the text cursor anywhere it might be on the screen. The Settings app also introduces some changes for optional features, including the ability to select and install multiple features at a time. In addition, WordPad, Paint, Notepad now become features on-demand that you can remove and add them back again from the Optional Features settings page. The Windows 10 May 2020 Update introduces Windows Subsystem for Linux 2, which is a latest version of the environment that runs ELF64 Linux binaries. The operating system now is getting native support for network cameras to make it easier for developers to build security and machine learning video analytics solutions. After installing version 2004, you’ll be able to pair a Bluetooth peripherals directly from the notification popup, as soon as the device is detected, without the need to open the Settings app.  Finally, starting with version 2004, Cortana is no longer part of Windows 10. Instead, it becomes an app that updates through the Microsoft Store and provides a new chat-based interface with the ability to input text or voice to interact with the assistant. You can learn more about all the changes that will release with version 2004 in this comprehensive guide. Also, you can check the best features and changes coming to Windows 10 in this guide. Although you may want to install the Windows 10 version 2004 immediately, during the early days major releases are known to ship with unknown issues, bugs, and compatibility problems. As a result if you’re planning to wait a little longer, it’s now the time to configure your system to prevent Windows 10 from installing the May 2019 Update to a later date.

Windows 10 version 2004 tutorials

Here’s a list of guides that will get you started with version 2004:

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The new version won’t significantly change the way you use Windows 10, but it should improve the experience. You can start downloading the new semi-annual feature update starting on May 27, 2020. If you want to avoid problems during and after the upgrade, you can use this guide with a number of tips for a successful upgrade. If you’re not ready for the update, Windows 10 won’t try to install the new version automatically unless your version is getting close to the end of service. If that’s the case, you can use this guide to block and postpone the May 2020 Update on your computer. All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.