One of the great features introduced in Windows 8 was the ability to use a Microsoft Account to create a local profile on all your devices, which will allow you to roam PC settings, such as theme, web browsing, passwords, ease of access, languages preferences, and Windows settings across devices. However, many users liked that Windows Store apps will also sync across devices, they wouldn’t install automatically, but they appeared in “All apps” or in the Start screen, then a simple click or tap would install app. In addition, if you spent a good amount of time setting the Start screen layout the way you like it, the same layout synced with the rest of other settings to your other computers. Sadly, it’s been confirmed by a Microsoft spokesperson that both of these features will not be present in Windows 10. Below you can read Microsoft’s statement: As you can read above, Microsoft telemetry indicates that people actually like to personalize the Start layout to match the device they are using, and I completely agree. I personally have a number of computers around the house, and each screen is different, and the layout I have in my many PC doesn’t fit my other PC that I use as media center. For this reason, some of my computers have sync turned off. Now removing apps from syncing may not make a lot of sense for many users, as it’s likely that if install an app on one device, you’ll need on another computer. But here’s what I’m suspecting: Microsoft recently announced that it will be limiting the app installment per app from 81 to 10. So, it would appear, that to avoid users from installing an app everywhere, and running out of installs, the company will make it a little inconvenient, so you think where to place an install. Nevertheless, I don’t see why not, Microsoft could simply add a couple of options to let users decide how they want the Start menu and app sync between devices. Source WinSuperSite All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.