Windows 10X was originally presented as the operating system behind Surface Neo, and for dual screen and foldable devices. However, the information in the leak confirms that the software giant has also plans to bring Windows 10X to traditional laptops. “For both clamshells and foldables, the taskbar will be the same base model with a series of ‘levers’ which can be pulled to create some alternatives in the model,” the document reveals.

Start menu becomes the Launcher

Although the overall experience will be similar to the current version, starting with Windows 10X, things will change. For instance, the Start menu will apparently be known as the “Launcher,” and it’ll include many interface changes. In this new version, the Live Tiles system will be replaced with traditional icons (such as like on Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android), it’s also interesting to see that the new design includes a search box, which will bring the Windows Search back to the menu (like on Windows 7). “Search is seamlessly integrated with web results, available apps, and specific files on your device,” the document explains. As for the default grid of apps, you’ll be able to customize and change each app depending on your preferences. Also, “Recommended” content will be updated dynamically based on your local and online activities.

Quicker sign-in experience

Windows 10X will introduce some changes to the sign-in experience as well. In the past, you had to lift up the Lock screen to get to the Sign-in screen to login, but with the new version upon waking the device, “Windows Hello Face instantly recognizes the user and will immediately transition to their desktop.”

Modern File Explorer

The documentation also talks about the a new “Modern File Explorer.” Although the company has been making a lot of changes with the legacy version of File Explorer, it’d appear that a new version is coming with Windows 10X, but there are additional more details about the new interface and functionalities.

Improved notification system

As part of the desktop experience, Windows 10X will have a more simplified Action center and quick settings. For example, in the new version, users will have faster access with improved prioritization to essential settings for the device. Of course, users will be able to customize the experience as needed. All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.