Build 22572 for Windows 11, according to the official changes, introduces the Microsoft Family features as an app, and the Clipchamp app becomes another that will come pre-installed by default. Also, this flight ships with a modern version of the Print Queue experience, and Quick Assist, Windows Sandbox, and Focus get new icons using the Fluent design system. Furthermore, you can now open the classic context menu in File Explorer with the “Shift + Right-click” action.

Build 22572 for Windows 11 new features

Here are all the new features and improvements for the latest release of Windows 11 in the Dev Channel:

Starting on build 22572, Windows 11 introduces a redesigned version of the Print Queue app that matches the design language with rounded corners, mica material, and more. The new application also makes it easy to identify your desired print job (with thumbnail previews), see the status, and manage it. In addition, this flight also includes a new interface to print content. It’s the same app available on previous versions, but the visuals have been updated to match the design language of Windows 11.

New icons for apps

The Quick Assist app, the Focus feature, and Windows Sandbox have new modern icons using the Fluent design system in this release.

New Windows 11 apps 

Microsoft is also introducing two new apps for Windows 11, including Microsoft Family and Clipchamp. The Microsoft Family app is an app that houses all the family safety features you use on the web and mobile. The app lets you set parental control settings, configure screen time for apps and games, and location tracking for family members. Clipchamp is a new video editor for Windows 11 defined for making video creation easy, fast, and fun. The app has all the basic tools, like trimming and splitting, more pro-style features like transitions and animated text. In addition, for real-time content capture, there are also built-in webcam and screen recorders.

File Explorer

In this preview, you can use the “Shift + Right-click” action to open the “Show more options” context menu (also known as the classic context menu). Microsoft hasn’t officially announced it, but build 22572 also includes an updated version of File Explorer that has support for tabs, which you can use like in a web browser.

Start menu

The Start menu isn’t getting a lot of changes, but the Windows Terminal app is now called “Terminal.” Also, the legacy version of “Windows Media Player” available in Windows Tools has been renamed to “Windows Media Player Legacy.”


As part of the changes for Windows 11 build 22572, the Windows Management Instrumentation command-line (WMIC) tool now becomes a feature on-demand, which you can now uninstall or reinstall via Settings > Apps > Optional Features. Also, on Settings > Personalization > Taskbar, the touch keyboard icon option has changed from being a toggle to now being a dropdown where you can select “Never,” “Always,” or “When no keyboard attached.”

Search highlights

Microsoft has also announced that in the coming weeks, it will begin rolling out an update for Search in Windows 11 that highlights interesting moments in time. According to the company, the “search box in Start and Search will periodically update with content, including fun illustrations, that help you discover more, be connected, and stay productive.” Search highlights will also show notable moments, including holidays, anniversaries, and other educational moments in time both globally and in your region. Furthermore, the feature will offer “additional content in search home related to today’s moment and daily content like word of the day, Microsoft Rewards offers, trending searches, and more.” On the left side, you will also find “an extended list of your recently launched apps, files, settings, and websites to help you get back to what you were doing last.” In addition, if you use a work or school account, you will also be able to use Microsoft Search in the organization. If you don’t like the feature, you will be able to disable it on  Settings > Privacy & security > Search settings and toggling “Show search highlights.” The company says that search highlights will also be available on Windows 10.

General fixes for build 22572

In addition to the new features and improvements, Windows 11 build 22572 also ships with a bunch of improvements for the Taskbar, Start menu, Settings, File Explorer, and more.


Start menu

File Explorer





Task Manager

General fixes

In addition to these new features and improvements, Microsoft is also detailing many fixes and known issues that Insiders need to know before upgrading their devices.

Install Windows 11 build 22572

If you want to download and install the Windows 11 build 22572, you need to enroll your device in the Dev Channel using the “Windows Insider Program” settings from the “Update & Security” section. Once you enroll the computer in the program, you can download build 22572 from the “Windows Update” settings by clicking the Check for Updates button. However, you will need a device that meets the minimum system requirements to receive the update if you are new to the Windows Insider Program. Update March 11, 2022: Microsoft is now rolling out build 22572.100 as update KB5012817. However, the update does not include anything new, it’s only designed to test the update mechanism through the Dev Channel. Update March 15, 2022: Microsoft is now rolling out build 22572.202 as update KB5012886. However, the update does not include anything new, it’s only designed to test the update mechanism through the Dev Channel. All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.