Build 25136 for Windows 11, according to the official announcement, introduces support for tabs on File Explorer and several changes to the navigation page. Also, this flight introduces the ability to show widgets content within the Taskbar and several fixes and improvements.

Updated File Explorer

On build 25136, Windows 11 has an updated version of File Explorer that finally brings support for tabs. Tabs for File Explorer are expected to work similarly to the experience in the web browser. Instead of having multiple instances of the app, you will now be able to use one instance to navigate multiple folders and drive locations. You will also be able re-arrange and create new tabs as needed. Microsoft isn’t rolling out tabs for everyone at this time, but you can use these steps to enable the preview of tabs in File Explorer. In addition, the file manager also includes a redesigned layout for the left navigation pane. The design organization provides easy access to pinned and frequently used folders and OneDrive cloud profiles, which now reflect the user’s name associated with the account. Also, when navigating to folders syncing to OneDrive, the address bar displays the correct path to make it easier to understand when the folders are on the cloud versus when they are local to you. The known folders (Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, etc.) are no longer displayed under “This PC” to keep that view focused on the drives.

Updated Taskbar

This preview also introduces a new feature that allows the Taskbar to show dynamic widgets. In addition to the live content from the weather widget, you’ll also start to see sports, finance, and breaking news information. The company also says that the Taskbar will return to showing you the weather if you don’t interact with the content update. Also, Microsoft has started to roll out the ability for Insiders to report animated gifs they feel are inappropriate from the emoji panel.

Build 25136 fixes

In addition to the new features, this release packs several fixes and improvements.





Task Manager

Other fixes

In addition to these fixes, Microsoft is also pointing out a few known issues using Live Captions, Easy Anti-Cheat, Start menu, and File Explorer.

Install Windows 11 build 25136

If you want to download and install the Windows 11 build 25136, you need to enroll your device in the Dev Channel using the “Windows Insider Program” settings from the “Update & Security” section. Once you enroll the computer in the program, you can download build 25136 from the “Windows Update” settings by clicking the Check for Updates button. However, you will need a device that meets the minimum system requirements to receive the update if you are new to the Windows Insider Program. All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.