People reactions were impressive and the launch was massive. The celebration for the release of the newest Microsoft’s operating system and its new tablet at Pier 57 had everything you could ask for: Demos of upcoming Windows devices like Ultrabooks, laptops, all-in-one PCs, and of course many tablets to choose from, including Surface. In the first event’s keynote, Steven Sinofsky and Steve Ballmer were the ones to take the stage and announced the global availability of the operating system, while Mike Angiulo and Julie Larson-Green talked and demoed many new Windows 8 devices and Surface. There was a second keynote by Panos Panay and Steven Sinofsky and they gave a special presentation of Surface. They even showcased the tablet transformed into a skate, and Panos also successfully performed the drop test of the tablet from a shoulder high. One of the biggest highlight of the event was that during the Surface’s keynote, Panos Panay gave away about four Surface to the event attendees — sadly I wasn’t one of them. And Microtropolis is a piece of art that everyone could go and see. Times Square was packed of Microsoft fans, media, and people who just wanted to get their hands in the new Surface tablet and of course to get a copy of Windows 8. Being inside of the store was quite an experience, it was fully packed for about 4 hours, employees were wearing brightly colored t shirts matching the Touch keyboard’s colors that had a Surface’s graffiti on front and on the back reads “Click in and do more”. This was a night where none of the Windows 8 tablet looked lonely. I had the opportunity to be there and I couldn’t leave without making sure I brought images from such event to share with everyone — In the gallery you’ll find images from the Pier 57 Windows 8 and Surface launch event and from the opening of the Microsoft Store in Times Square New York City.

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