This little Easter Egg was revealed by Jensen Harris from the Windows User Experience team at the Windows 8 UX Week event, where he also showed early design mockups of how Windows 8 looked like back in 2010 — worth watching. As Harris explained, for a time Microsoft was all about building features into things, because they had the capabilities. Moving forward the company has switched to a more design-centric model and paying attention to details by creating its own design language (the tile language), and the result showcases a different point of view from other companies point of view. Now we have a PC, a phone and an entertainment device (Xbox) in the living room, all sharing the same user interface and typography. All of them can communicate with each other, you can share music between devices and everything works together. The new concept were based in five principles, principles that the Windows team has embedded in the operating system as an Easter Egg, and you can find them in the 5 default Lock screen images — Check them out in the gallery below.

The Five Principles

  1. Do More With Less: The idea of beauty of what you can do with the basic shapes that can be found in nature.

  2. Authentically Digital: The idea of no ornamentation.

  3. Pride in Craftsmanship: The idea of every key of a piano that has been handcrafted and polished.

  4. Best fast and fluid: The idea of a beautiful train zooming around in to a city.

  5. Win as one: Beehive: The ideas of bees working together to do something greater.

You can also watch the explanation of this Easter Egg in our previous article — Watch This: Microsoft reveals Windows 8 early user interface designs (@ time 1:05:00). If you find another Easter Egg share it in the comments. All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.