To begin with, Microsoft has included a new way to integrate the Metro UI on multiple displays with an improved method to identify shared edges. The Release Preview will come with “real corners” along shared edges of the screen to better control app switcher or the charms bar. To have a better glance watch the video below with a demo, which demonstrates how much easier is to navigate between different monitors and with Metro and traditional environment.

Also Windows 8 Release Preview will include improvements like taskbar configuration for multiple monitors, support of different desktop wallpaper on each monitor — Windows 8 will even be capable of detecting which image is best for each screen when displaying slide-shows –, and spanning one image among all monitors. Thanks to a lot of feedback received, Microsoft also has improved how Metro integrates on multiple monitors, now you will be able to launch the Start Screen and bring up the charms bar on any display. Furthermore, you will be able to open, move Metro style apps, and switch back to an application from any monitor. Even though all these new tweaks will positively help the end-user with multiple monitors, the software giant says that more changes are in the road map and they are coming in the near future. Source The Verge

May 21, 2012 Update

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