One more to the list of new features for the next Microsoft’s operating system. In a blog post at Building Windows 8 , the software maker revealed their Hyper-V technology that previously was only included in the Server editions of Windows and now will be part Windows 8 client. Hyper-V is an important piece of technology that makes possible virtualization, allowing users to run more than one operating system, either 32-bit or 64-bit, at the same time on the same computer. This is a great approach that will help developers and other users that don’t have the chance to access a full suite of labs to house many computers — virtualization can be beneficial for money, time and space-saving.  Microsoft also talked briefly on VHDX virtual hard drive format that will also be supported in the client version of Windows 8. This is a new virtual disk format that has the capability to support disks up to 16TB, much larger than the currently 2TB supported in the VHD format. To know more about the new virtualization capability built-in Windows 8, please watch the video.

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