Today, another closer look to a video that demos the new virtual desktops feature also shows that Microsoft has starting to add changes to the PC settings, the modern version of Control Panel. As you can see in the screenshot from the video, “Storage Sense” appears in the list of accessible settings below “Update and recovery”.

For those who don’t know, Storage Sense is new to Windows Phone 8.1 and allows users manage the storage in their phones. You can see what is filling up storage, such as apps and games, videos, downloads, system, etc. And Storage Sense also lets you manage external storage and change where you install apps, and store photos, music, videos, and more. It’s a complete storage management feature, and it seems that is coming to Windows 9 too. SEE ALSO: Windows 9 (Threshold): The ultimate summary on expected features Windows 8.1 includes Disk space, which is a similar feature, but it is quite limited to what Storage Sense has to offer for mobile users. It’s unclear how the feature will work in the next version of Windows due in 2015. Storage Sense appearing in PC settings in Windows Technical Preview could be Microsoft simply renaming “Disk space”, but leaving the same functionality. However, it makes more sense that Microsoft is bringing all the storage managements features to Windows 9, as we are starting to see more-and-more low-cost laptops and tablets with limited storage that could make very well use of this feature. And today, there is not an easy way to install Metro-style apps on an external storage in Windows 8.1. This is just another sign of Microsoft merging the user experiences across platforms, one step closer to the company’s “one Windows” vision. Update: New screenshots from show more details about Storage Sense. All content on this site is provided with no warranties, express or implied. Use any information at your own risk. Always backup of your device and files before making any changes. Privacy policy info.